When Should I Clean My Boiler?

At Palisades Fuel, we recommend cleaning your boiler in the early summer. Around this time, heating professionals are usually less busy and have more time to service your boiler. Cleaning your heating system in the warmer months ensures your boiler will be ready to handle anything the following colder winter months. Servicing your heating system in the warmer months also ensures that if there is an issue with your heating system in the winter, you will not be cold while it is being fixed.

Getting Service When Moving

Moving into a new a home is a great time to get your boiler serviced as well. It is difficult to know exactly when your boiler was last serviced if you move into a new home. Servicing your boiler immediately will ensure that there are no unwanted problems left behind by the previous owner. Servicing your boiler at your new home allows you to know when exactly the boiler’s last service took place, and you can keep servicing it annually afterwards.

Why Service Your Boiler Annually?

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Ensuring your boiler is in proper working order is important for your home comfort during the cold winter months. Getting an annual boiler cleaning can mean the difference between an optimally functioning system and stressful, expensive breakdowns.

Annual boiler maintenance is a wonderful way to also ensure the highest level of efficiency. When our professionals at Palisades Fuel perform a cleaning of your boiler, we eliminate any deposits and buildup on the heat exchanger. This means that the unit will more effectively transfer heat from combustion to the water in your hydronic system. Getting your boiler cleaned is a great way to receive energy savings while also extending the life of the heat exchanger and boiler.

We are here to remind you that preventative maintenance is always less expensive than an emergency service call. By getting your boiler cleaned in the warmer months, you can ensure your boiler keeps you nice and comfortable throughout the colder winter season. Contact our team at Palisades Fuel to request your boiler cleaning appointment today.

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