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Heating System Components

Oil Heating Components: The oil burner converts fuel into heat, while the boiler/furnace transfers it to air or water. Boilers provide hot water for radiators, while furnaces heat air distributed through ducts, controlled by thermostats. At Palisades Fuel, we provide premium quality heating oil services in Westchester NY.

Advantages Of Heating Oil Systems

Heating oil systems offer several advantages, such as availability in regions without natural gas pipelines, efficiency, and versatility for space heating and hot water. Our Westchester County technicians provide 24/7 repairs and maintenance with cost-effective service plans. We also offer heating oil upgrades and installation services.

Our Service Contracts

heating oil westchester ny

Annual Preventative

Maintenance Plan

Both contracts include 1 free annual tune-up and safety inspection.

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  • Inspect and vacuum boiler/heater exchanger and flues.
  • Inspect and vacuum chimney base.
  • Inspect condition of combustion chamber.
  • Oil all motors and bearing assemblies.
  • Inspect and adjust electrodes.
  • Replace nozzle, fuel unit strainer, and fuel filter.
  • Inspect retention head, fan, and air tube.


The customer is responsible to schedule an appointment during
spring & summer during normal business hours.

What Our Customers Are Saying

It is always a pleasure to have your service technicians Steve and Billy arrive at our home. They are always punctual and. courteous, not to mention they do a professional job. I highly recommend them. Thank you Palisades Fuel!

Amazing customer service!!!

Been a customer for many years and have absolutely no complaints.

Great company. We use Palisades for our fuel oil and they recently installed central air conditioning. We highly recommend Palisades Fuel!

We have been using palisades fuel for our home heating oil for years. They are very reliable and respectful of our lawn when coming to fill up our tank.

Excellent fuel prices, customer service and all-around willingness to be helpful. Palisades Fuel is a great locally-focused company with super people!

Why Choose Oil Heat?

There have been many modern innovations in the industry, making oil heat a suitable option for your home. If you are new to oil heat or are considering purchasing an oil-heated home, here are some things you should know:

  • An oil heating system can be installed in any home. Our team of experts can show you the advantages of oil heat’s versatility and how you can best benefit it.
  • Oil heat is a great choice for home heating. It is a clean, economical, and eco-friendly option. You’ll reduce your annual energy costs by up to 30% when you replace an older, outdated system.
  • You can find small, smart and efficient oil heating systems. Our team is dedicating to helping you find the perfect system for your home.



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