Gasoline & Diesel Fuels

Palisades Fuel comprehensively manages everything from station management to wholesale fuel distribution, all while providing expert environmental consulting services, demonstrating our deep understanding of every facet of the fuel supply process.

Tank leak detection

Scheduled Fuel Deliveries

Bulk Fuel Deliveries

Fuel Quality Testing

Fuel Tank Monitoring

Retail Fuel Oil Delivery

We offer retail fuel oil in Westchester NY. Our specialty is in retail gasoline stations, both convenience stores and repairs. Below are a few examples of Branding Concepts and looks. Whether you are looking for supply, or a retail branding we can help. We are proud to supply both branded fuel and unbranded fuel. Choose from brands such as Sunoco, Conoco, Phillips 66, BP, Exxon, Sinclair, to name a few. Expertise is our specialty, we can provide environmental expertise and capital to upgrade your station or help you retire.

Wholesale Fuel Oil Delivery

We are your licensed wholesale distributor across NY, CT, NJ, and PA. We supply trusted brands like BP, Conoco, Exxon/Mobil, Sinclair, and Sunoco. Choose us for direct delivery or terminal purchase. Our fuel delivery in Westchester NY covers all environmental regulations.We’re here to support facility upgrades and retirement planning.


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