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We have the most knowledgable HVAC contractors in Westchester, NY to ensure your home or business remains perfectly comfortable year-round.



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Heating Systems

Your home’s heating system is a crucial part of you and your family’s comfort during the cooler months. At Palisades Fuel, we prioritize your home comfort above everything. Heating oil systems offer several advantages:

  • Widely available in regions without natural gas access.
  • Modern, efficient oil burners provide reliable heating.
  • Suitable for space heating and hot water.
  • Long service life with proper maintenance.

Our Westchester County technicians provide 24/7 repair and maintenance services, including two cost-saving Service Plans: Basic and Platinum Agreements.

Air Conditioning

We understand the importance of an air conditioning system that works properly. Your AC system is vital in order to keep your family cool during the warmer months of the year. At Palisades Fuel, we recognize the key role your AC system plays in your home comfort. We provide high quality repair and installation services.

Central systems, controlled by a thermostat and using ductwork, cool large homes effectively.

Ductless mini-split systems are a recent trend, offering energy-efficient cooling with individual room control. No ducts are needed, making installation quick and ideal for homes with limited space.

Our Heating and Cooling Partners

AC Installation

At Palisades Fuel, we understand that the proper installation of your air conditioning system is a critical factor in how well it operates and how long it will last. Our trusted HVAC experts provide reliable air conditioning services in Westchester, NY so you will have a reduced need for future AC repairs.

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ac maintenace repair westchester ny

AC Maintenance

We understand that things happen sometimes.  Our goal at Palisades Fuel is to be your trusted partner, ready to help when things do go wrong. Our team of HVAC experts are always ready to go to help our customers with whatever AC maintenance they need. With 36 years on the job, we can handle repairs on any air conditioning system you may have.


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