Environmental Consulting

Palisades Fuel is dedicated to the conservation of our environment.


Understanding the codes and regulations and the way they apply to your facility is difficult at best.

Whether you are a retail gasoline dealer, commercial/industrial business dealer or a home owner, and meet the requirements for Petroleum Bulk Storage of over 1100 gallons, Palisades Fuel has an on staff consultant that will assist you in understanding these regulations. Our staff will inspect your facility, direct you to cost effective remedies and bring you up to date with the latest codes and regulations so that you will always be in compliance.

Petroleum Bulk Storage (PBS) Compliance

Local, State and Federal agencies are stepping up enforcement of PBS facilities; Palisades Fuel has made a long term investment into the education of our staff to help our customers avoid costly fines and attorney fees. Palisades Fuel offers complete inspections that include reviewing current documents (PBS registration, reconciliation reports, testing documents, etc.), site inspection (identifying that equipment meets standards), and violations. Palisades will also advise you of the most cost effective way to bring your facility into compliance once a complete inspection has been completed.

Palisades Fuel has on-staff consulting that will:

  • Help you understand Petroleum Bulk Storage Compliance regulations.
  • Provide complete inspections that include reviewing current documents ( e.g., PBS registration, reconciliation reports, testing documents), performing a site inspection ascertaining if equipment meets standards, and writing up any violations.
  • Advise you to cost-effective remedies that will bring your facility into compliance.
  • Help you avoid costly fines and attorney fees.
  • Help you stay in compliance with changing codes and regulations.

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