Home Heating

Automatic Dispatch & Tank Monitoring

Never check your tank level again! Palisades Fuel will monitor and keep your tank full. Eliminate expensive service issues resulting from low oil levels.


Will Call

Customers may monitor their fuel tank level and order fuel delivery with our office by phone or online. Your delivery will be dispatched within 2 business days to ensure you have an adequate supply.


We Deliver Bioheat® Fuel


Bioheat fuel is the future of home heating! This alternative fuel takes biodiesel – a clean-burning diesel made from renewable resources such as soybean oil, peanut oil, sunflower seed oil and more – and blends it with traditional home heating oil.

It’s a cleaner Fuel! Due to the biodiesel component found in our fuel, it’s better for the environment! Bioheat fuel produces lower emissions, significantly reducing homeowners’ carbon footprints, and keeping the equipment cleaner resulting in fewer maintenance calls.

Bioheat fuel doesn’t require any modifications to your home heating system – it can be stored in standard oil storage tanks, and used in modern heating equipment.

Palisades is a Total Energy Provider

Palisades Fuel is a “one stop” shop. We can take care of all your home and business energy needs. We are a total energy provider dedicated to your total home and office comfort. We offer heating oil, oil storage tanks, tank insurance, heating systems, air conditioning, gasoline & diesel, and environmental services.

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