Heating Oil Purchase Plan

Palisades Fuel has been offering Price Protection Plans since 1987, giving our customers consistency with their household budgeting, and allowing our customers to choose the rate they want to pay. You can choose from the three fixed rate options and “lock in” your price for the upcoming winter season.

Our options include:

  • Option I. Guaranteed Price: Palisades Fuel agrees to sell #2 heating oil to the buyer at a guaranteed rate per gallon.
  • Option II. Guaranteed Price with Downside Protection: The Buyer accepts the terms of the guaranteed price but would like that rate to be considered as a “Cap.” In this case, if Palisades Fuel’s automatic posted price for #2 heating oil drops at any time during the season, to a price under the Cap, then Buyer’s price for #2 heating oil shall be lowered accordingly. * fee applicable
  • Option III. Pre-purchase of Heating Oil: Buyer may pre-purchase #2 heating oil from Seller at the guaranteed rate per gallon. Palisades Fuel will deliver pre-purchased gallons to the buyer as required for consumption. Gallons in excess of contracted gallons will be billed at the market rate, based on the date of delivery.

Of course, you can buy your home heating oil at the variable market rate, if you prefer.

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