Terms of Service / AC

Our Service Plans Will Not Provide Coverage:

If plan coverage has been canceled or suspended. If you have misused your air conditioning system or have attempted repairs or installations yourself or have hired an outside party to attempt repairs or installations. If you do not provide safe and unimpeded access to your air conditioning system.

If your air conditioning system’s operation has been impaired for any reason not directly attributable to the wear and tear of ordinary use or has been damaged by vandalism, fire, flood, power fluctuations, your failure to keep non-covered parts in good repair or any other reason including acts of God or nature. If you make an appointment and our serviceman arrives to find no one home, that the driveway is impassable, or that there is nothing wrong. If you request us to perform simple homeowner tasks that require no special tools, training or abilities such as resetting your circuit breakers or changing fuses; turning down your thermostat; turning on your emergency switches; changing air filters; and replacing batteries.

Terms and Conditions

Pre-Existing Conditions. We require your air conditioning system to have no pre-existing conditions before coverage goes into effect. During the first service call at your residence after you request service coverage by one of our licensed service technicians, our service department may determine that your system has a pre-existing condition and may decline your coverage. If you request us to rehabilitate your air conditioning system we will charge you our regular prices for both parts and labor.

Automatic Oil Delivery Required. We will not extend coverage to any air conditioning system to which we do not deliver oil using our Automatic Delivery method. If you have coverage and cancel Automatic Delivery, we will cancel service plan coverage. If you do not pay your bill on time, we will also suspend coverage.

Length Of Coverage Each service plan will be in effect from APRIL 1 through OCTOBER 31. To assure continuing coverage, Standard will bill subsequent plans during their anniversary month unless first canceled by either party. Plan pricing is subject to change. The terms and extent of coverage are subject to change when this plan brochure is revised and reprinted. You agree to be bound by such changes until you cancel coverage.

Payment. Payment is due, in full, within 30 days after we bill you for any service plan. If payment is not made within that time period, we reserve the right to cancel your plan and bill you for any parts or services that we provided to you under the plan.

Limited Refunds. We will not refund any of the cost of your plan after it has been in effect for 60 days or if we have provided you with any parts or services whatsoever when your plan was in effect.
Cancellations. Either party may cancel coverage at any time and for any reason by mailing written notice to the other party. Our written notice to you will specify why we are canceling coverage and the circumstances, if any, under which we will renew it. We reserve the right to cancel or suspend plans if you do not purchase at least 500 gallons of oil each year; if your air conditioning system becomes obsolescent or unreliable; or if you neglect to keep non-covered parts of your air conditioning system in good repair. If we consent to perform services for you when plan coverage is canceled or suspended, you agree to pay our normal charges for parts and labor for those services.

Normal Business Hours. Our normal business hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excepting major holidays.
General Customer Agreement. By enrolling in this service plan, customer specifically agrees to the terms and conditions of the General Customer Agreement (under separate cover). Tune-Up Scheduling. In order to provide timely repair service during the summer, all air conditioning tune-ups must be completed by June 30. You are responsible to call and schedule an appointment for this work during normal business hours.